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My husband and I bought a chocolate female from you in March 2002 and were so pleased with Roary's friendly little nature that we came back towards the end of 2003 to get her a brother.  He's a blue, I believe from your first litter with a blue father.  We were impressed by his father's heavy build and relaxed, cuddly personality and our Tonka is certainly his father's son!  While Roary is a tiny, shy, loyal little darling, Tonka really is one of a kind.  He's a big boy, exceptionally friendly and chatty, very intelligent (a real expert at opening doors!) and the most affectionate cat I've ever met -- with a purr to match!  Roary and Tonka give us so many laughs and it gives me great delight when they fight over my lap every night.  They are clearly very fond of each other, despite not being kittens together.  I love them to bits and recommend all my friends to you when they consider buying kittens.

Roary and Tonka who live with Rachael and Brett

"......We thought we'd send an updated picture of our beautiful Mr. Li ( now 2 years old! ). This year we adopted a 7 year old pug and the two have become good friends. Mr. Li loves pouncing on Indi ( claws in of course )from behind doors and they chase each other 'round the house. They keep our daughter very entertained.
I just found your web site under construction and was thrilled to see they pics of Mr. Li. I'm glad you could use them. A friend bought a tonkinese from you earlier in the year. They are also amazed at this breed of cat. They called him Bernard and he's much like Mr Li in temperament."

From Rebecca, Howard and Freya........

Kish is simply a delight. He's five months old now and has brought much joy to our household. His antics and companionship are very valuable to us, and we think we're lucky to have made such a good 'friend'.

He's intelligent and inquisitive, he fetches, we can walk him on a lead (sometimes, when he feels like it!), he comes to the door when we come home, he always wants to know 'what's going on', and he loves to play. Not to mention that he's quite a handsome little fella! Visitors to our house are usually in awe of him too, though the invariable question we get is "Is he a Siamese?".

So I just wanted to say thank you, he's just great!



Rachel writes about Jessie....

Here are some pictures of “Jessie”. She has grown a lot. I have also found she is very photogenic. She loves the camera.She is a welcome part in our little family and she is a big sook and cuddles a lot.... we love her. The pink string she is playing with was her lead for the harness that I am training her to wear. But she hid it from me and now carries it in her mouth when she wants to play and brings it to us to play with her. She is so silly. She is my Jessie girl.


"Hi Greg, We purchased a kitten from you on 21 March. It was the chocolate male. This is just to let you know that he is doing well and to send a few pictures of him for your collection, whatever. We've called him William (Willy for short) and you will not be surprised to learn that he has taken over the household." From Anne....

"Hi Greg, ....Just thought I’d send you an email to let you know how the kitten – her name is Sasha, has settled in – EXTREMELY well. You were right, she has a wonderful personality and is the friendliest cat I have known! My kids, who are petrified of animals have decided they adore her, my son especially, while my daughter for the first time ever in 10 years, is now letting an animal touch her (and sleep in her lap!!!!). Sash leaves them no choice really but they understand she won’t hurt them. She is my cat first though! J But when I’m not available it’s wonderful that she is happy to sleep on anyone’s lap!!!!

So all in all we are having a great time with her!!!!"

From Tanya....




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